Adventure is hung around the neck of its rival

love whose gaze finds or loses itself

in place of deserted or populated eyes.

All the adventures of the human face

cries without echoes signs of the dead time outside memory

so many beautiful faces so beautiful

that tears hide themselves

so many eyes as sure of their night

as lovers dying together

so many kisses under rock and so much water without clouds

apparitions spill from eternal absences

everything was worthy of love

treasures are walls and their shadows are blind

and love is in the world so that the world may forget.

Paul Eluard

Knowledge forbidden

They are departed, but in these places
those who stay try to keep their trace.
This trace vanishes in turn,
washed, altered by time, wearing out under the surface.
Seizing the moment when the missing fades again,
we regain their image, understand their fragility
and bring them back to us.
And here they reappear,
benevolent, restless,
serene or disturbing.
Going up the time line,
we place ourselves outside time
and bring the past back into visible space.
Feelings can then mingle, theirs, ours,
in a moving dialogue.

Ongoing work. Each piece is unique.